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Category: Turkish Traditional Food

Sep 22
Tavuklu Pilav

Tavuklu pilav nohut is a delightful and comforting Turkish dish that marries the flavors of tender chicken, aromatic rice, and hearty chickpeas. This classic Turkish meal is a cherished part of the country’s culinary tradition, offering a satisfying and flavorful experience to those who enjoy it. At its heart, tavuklu pilav nohut combines the rich […]

Sep 22

Lahmacun, sometimes referred to as “Turkish pizza” or “Armenian pizza,” is a popular and delicious dish in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. It consists of a thin, round, unleavened dough that is topped with a flavorful mixture of ground meat, vegetables, and spices. Lahmacun is typically baked in a hot oven or on a hot […]

Sep 22
Döner Kebap

Döner kebap, also known as simply “döner” or “doner kebab,” is a popular Turkish dish that has gained worldwide popularity. It consists of seasoned meat (typically beef, lamb, or chicken) that is stacked in a cone-like shape on a vertical rotisserie. The meat is cooked slowly as it rotates, allowing the outer layers to be […]